Mittlerweile haben AproposJazz zwei CDs herrausgebracht, die natürlich auch käuflich erworben werden können! Natürlich können Sie vorher hineinlauschen....

 CD 'Up to now'

Apropos Jazz came together in 2010 and after playing the local scene for a couple of years, the band was feeling pretty good. The decision to take a four day road trip to Köln Germany and record their first CD was only natural. The impetus behind the decision was to musically say..."here's where we're at, and this is what we have to say." The title "Up to Now" fit like a glove.       The energy on the CD is great. That the band is having fun is evident, especially on tunes like "I'm All Smiles", "Señor Blues", and "Overjoyed." The two classic ballads "The Nearness of You" and "What are You Doing the Rest of Your Life" provide a perfect cool-down contrast. Clever arrangements of songs like "The Telephone Song", "Charade", "Good Bait" and "Yesterdays" satisfy the occasional need for a touch of sophistication.   The CD is a  good listen. Straight-ahead, High-Standard, Easy Listeing with Apropos Jazz.  CD bei iTunes kaufen.  

 CD 'Wonderful and rare'

In 2014 Apropos Jazz felt it was time to go back in the studio. A secluded country farm house in Osnabrück Germany called "Fattoria Musica" was the setting this time. The result was a fresh mix of grooves, styles and tempos with the title "Wonderful and Rare".The title song is a beautiful ballad written by the band's pianist J. Hatch. Indeed most of the arrangments on the CD were penned by Hatch and carefully tailored to compliment the strong, fluid singing style of the band's superb vocalist Nanni Byl. New, creative settings for jazz standards like "So What", "On Green Dolphin Street", and "My Funny Valentine" give Nanni a chance to really stretch out and the boys in the band are right on her heels, catching every turn. As always, the responsibility for groove and drive fall to Michael "the brushman" Großmann on drums and Jörg "the Bear" Mühlhaus on Bass, and they don't disappoint. There's a little of everything on the CD, from hard swinging, catchy titles like "I Love Being Here with You" and "Time After Time" to fiery up tempo tunes like "Bebop Groove" and "I'm Old Fashioned". "Wonderful and Rare" is not yet available online, but is available for purchase at Live performances. Round two… check it out… Straight-ahead, High-Standard, Easy Listening with Apropos Jazz.

Die CD ist auf Konzerten erhältlich!

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